Canada must renegotiate NAFTA now!

Election 2008 fact sheets for activists

Each Sheet can be viewed online, using the HTML link, or downloaded and printed, using the PDF version.

Fact Sheet #1

Who Controls Canada‚Äôs Energy Resources?    View (HTML)    Download (PDF)    En Francais


Fact Sheet #2

Enough of NAFTA:
We need a people-centred trade model 
  View (HTML)    Download (PDF)    En Francais


Fact Sheet #3

Armouring NAFTA:
Is that what Canadians want?
   View (HTML)    Download (PDF)    En Francais


Fact Sheet #4

NAFTA: Manufacturing job loss in Canada    View (HTML)    Download (PDF)    En Francais


Fact Sheet #5

Trading Away Canada's Food Safety    View (HTML)    Download (PDF)     En Francais


10 Questions For Candidates    View (HTML)    Download (PDF)


Background Resources for Fact Sheets    View (HTML)    Download (PDF)




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