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The current trend in the negotiating process of the annexionist project enshrined in the FTAA, under the guidance of  the US policies, clearly indicates that such project has not been definitively defeated and that it has just been frozen in its original version.

On the contrary, it has been re-configured and directed through new roads by the way of the Free Trade Agreements, trying to propel the same intentions.

This process has been confronted by the increasing rejection of social movements, as well as a significant resistance of some governments of the region.

In addition, the initial FTAA project has been diversified. Issues such as the Free Trade Agreements, the external debt, privatization of public services, the WTO, the plans of militarization, Plan Colombia, the Plan Puebla-Panamá  and the installation of military bases, among others, characterizes the current panorama, promoted by the policies of the government of the United States in its permanent hegemonic intentions.

To the above mentioned, we can also add the Free Trade Agreements of  the European Union-Latin America.

These are the main issue upon which the IV Hemispheric Meeting of Struggle Against the FTAA to be held in the City of Havana, Cuba from the 27th. to the 30th. of April, 2005, will be focusing its attention.

The political principles that will animate our coming meeting are contained in the CALL to this event, that can be found in:

Organizing Committee
IV Hemispheric Struggle Against the FTAA