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October 1, 2009
Letter to Peter Kent,
Minister of State, Foreign Affairs

The Honourable Peter Kent
Minister of State of Foreign Affairs (Americas)
House of Commons
Ottawa, K1A 0A6
October 1, 2009

Dear Minister Kent;

Following OAS talks on September 28th, Reuters reported that Canada and four other OAS members sought to drop President Zelaya's return to office as a precondition for holding future elections in Honduras. If that media report is correct, it puts Canada clearly and shamefully on side with the plans of a de facto regime that forcefully and illegally ousted the democratically elected President of Honduras on June 28, 2009.

On September 29th Costa Rican President Arias pointed out that the Micheletti regime “has not moved an inch” in negotiations to date. In calling for free and transparent elections under Zelaya's government Arias said “It's the assurance of the continuity of democracy in Latin America”. And he added, “The cost of failure of leaving a coup d'etat unpunished is setting a bad precedent for the region.”

Next week you will be joining an OAS negotiating team heading to Honduras. Common Frontiers calls on Canada to not only uphold the Democratic Charter of the OAS, but to also demand that the coup leaders immediately: a) restore constitutional rights, and b) order the Honduran military and police forces back to barracks. In addition, the Canadian government must announce an end to all economic and military support to Honduras. Failure to act at this key juncture will only serve to further tarnish Canada's relations with Latin America.

The courageous people of Honduras have resisted the military coup for over three months. With President Zelaya back in Honduras, Canada needs to step up and call, immediately and unconditionally, for the restoration of the entire constitutional government of President Zelaya.


Rick Arnold.
Common Frontiers-Canada

*Common Frontiers – is a multi sectoral network of labour, human rights, environment, student, church, international development, and other social justice organizations. We propose the building of an alternative model for social and economic integration in the Americas.

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