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October 14, 2009
Letter to Mexican President Felipe Calderón

Felipe de Jesús Calderón Hinojosa
Constitutional President of the United Mexican States
Residencia Oficial de los Pinos
Mexico City, Mexico

Dear President Calderon,

I write to protest the Federal Police occupation of the electrical plants, the liquidation of the Light and Power Company (LyF), the firing of 45,000 workers, and the attempt to destroy the Mexican Electrical Workers Union (SME).

The SME was established in 1914 and has for the past 95 years been an important leader in defending the rights of working people, and in particular those organized in the electricity sector. The internal life of the SME is well known both at home and abroad for being highly democratic – general assemblies held at least twice a year, direct and secret balloting for the leadership, use of referenda and plebiscites in union decision making.

The armed occupation of the electrical plants and the attempt to dissolve the SME not only represent a significant step back the democratic life of Mexico, they are also a violation of labor rights and of basic human rights. LyF is a public utility that should not be privatized.

I urge you to do as the Mexican Electrical Workers Union has asked:

1) Remove the police from their workplaces.

2) Revoke the liquidation of the company.

3) Negotiate the issues with the union.

Respect the rights of these workers, their union, and international labor and human rights standards.



Rick Arnold.
Common Frontiers-Canada

*Common Frontiers – is a multi sectoral network of labour, human rights, environment, student, church, international development, and other social justice organizations. We propose the building of an alternative model for social and economic integration in the Americas.

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