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September 22, 2009
Letter to Prime Minister Stephen Harper

Prime Minister Stephen Harper
80 Wellington Street
Ottawa, K1A 0A2
September 22, 2009

Dear Prime Minister Harper;

Yesterday Honduran President Manuel Zelaya returned to Tegucigalpa where he is currently a guest of the Brazilian Embassy. Zelaya has again called for negotiations with the de facto regime as a first step towards the peaceful resolution of the crisis brought on by June 28 military-backed coup.

Shortly after Zelaya returned, thousands of Hondurans surrounded the Brazilian Embassy to welcome back their President. However, the de facto regime responded by sending in heavily armed police resulting in many casualties on the streets outside the Brazilian Embassy.
The Micheletti regime is again attacking freedom of speech by occupying and cutting the electricity to the television station Channel 36, and by blocking the signal to radio station El Globo. Stations  still currently broadcasting are running either movies or evangelical programming.
At this critical moment Common Frontiers* calls on the Canadian government to:

  • Condemn the large scale repression of civilians by the Honduran armed forces outside the Brazilian Embassy, elsewhere in Tegucigalpa, and around the country;
  • Declare that any violation of the Brazilian Embassy grounds by Honduran armed forces would be considered tantamount to an act of aggression requiring a rapid and coordinated international response;
  • Call on the coup leaders to order the immediate return of the Honduran military and police forces to their barracks;
  • Insist that the curfew be lifted and democratic safeguards and civil liberties be reinstated;
  • Demand that the coup leaders immediately release all protesters incarcerated since the June 28 military-backed coup began;
  • Support President Zelaya in his call for a rapid and peaceful return to democracy.

The courageous people of Honduras have resisted the coup for 87 days. The Canadian government’s three months of virtual silence in the face of mounting human rights abuses under the de facto regime has harmed Canada's reputation in the Americas. Now that President Zelaya is back in Honduras, and with governments and citizens from all corners of the Americas demanding an unconditional return to constitutional rule in Honduras, Canada needs to now join in calling for the prompt restoration of  Manuel Zelaya to the Presidency of Honduras.


Rick Arnold.
Common Frontiers-Canada

*Common Frontiers – is a multi sectoral network of labour, human rights, environment, student, church, international development, and other social justice organizations. We propose the building of an alternative model for social and economic integration in the Americas.


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