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June 16, 2008

NAFTA: Canadians travel to Mexico to say no to energy privatization

WHO: Two Canadian Energy and Labour experts from Canada join another from the United States

WHAT: Mexican Government is intent on privatizing Mexico energy crown jewel, PEMEX.

WHERE: In Mexico City and Villahermosa – the Canadians will be meeting with Mexican Legislators, energy workers, and the public

WHEN: June 16-20

WHY: Under NAFTA's proportional sharing clause Canada negotiated away its sovereign control over oil to the U.S., but Mexico did not. Mexico's Constitution guarantees public ownership of the national petrochemical company PEMEX. However, Mexican President Felipe Calderon at the bidding of North America's oil transnationals and with the tacit support of Prime Minister Harper and US President Bush, is attempting to pass legislation to open the Mexican energy market up to foreign companies. Polls indicate that a clear majority of Mexicans oppose this legislation.


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For more information please contact:


In Mexico: You can contact Canadian energy and labour experts, Steven Shrybman and Hugo Leal Neri from the law firm of Sack, Goldblatt, Mitchell directly while they are in Mexico by calling cell # 647-448-4846


In Canada: For information on the tri-national energy sector initiative involving Canadian/Mexican/US energy sector unions and concerned social sectors, call Rick Arnold, Common Frontiers-Canada at tel # 905-352-2430.


Click here to see the background document The Future of Mexico's Oil: Social Action to stop the energy grab