For Immediate Release
October 2, 2010

Common Frontiers-Canada condemns
attempted coup in Ecuador

Ottawa and Toronto: Common Frontiers-Canada condemns in the strongest possible terms the attempted coup in Ecuador. Privileged groups, reactionary elements in the police force and Ecuadorian army in collusion with followers of ex-Colonel Lucio Gutierrez, have attempted to destroy the positive changes made under the current Citizen’s Revolution on behalf of the nation’s most marginalized

We call on Canadians as well as on the international community to remain alert to future attempts to overthrow the elected government by anti-democratic forces both inside and outside Ecuador. And to those who have supported this act of violence against the people and the democratic process in Ecuador as part of their efforts to stop at all costs the progressive changes underway in our continent, we say – you will not succeed.

We call on the Canadian government to roundly and unequivocally condemn this heinous act which attempts to undermine the rule of law in the sister Republic of Ecuador.

Common Frontiers says NO to the coup d’etat, but YES to the Ecuadorian people who have been out on the streets in their thousands to defend not only the country’s sovereignty but also the constitutional order in Ecuador.


Rick Arnold
Common Frontiers

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