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SEPTEMBER 24, 2009

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Canadian civil society groups in Pittsburgh to participate in G20 people’s summit

Canadians John Foster, representing Common Frontiers-Canada, and Pierre-Yves Serinet, of the Réseau québécois sur l’intégration continentale (RQIC), are in Pittsburgh this week to participate in trinational civil society discussions on solutions to the economic crisis. They are both available for media comment at the contacts below.

“The G-20, G-8 and other exclusive self-invited clubs cannot legitimately solve this economic crisis on their own,” said Foster, who participated in a high level UN Conference on the Economic Crisis in New York in June 2009 and Doha in November 2008. “These leaders should be lending their considerable weight to a more democratic United Nations dialogue on reforms, among the G-192. They should not be reinforcing the old international financial and economic architecture – an architecture that continues to favour rich developed countries while doing very little or nothing to help developing countries pull themselves out of poverty.”

Both Foster and Serinet are attending the People’s Voices conference on challenging the G20’s proposed solutions to the financial crisis and its broader agenda of corporate globalization. People’s Voices is organized by Pittsburgh United, a collection U.S. civil society organizations including the Alliance for Responsible Trade/Hemispheric Social Alliance, Center for Latin American Studies, University of Pittsburgh, G6 Billion, Grassroots Global Justice Alliance, National Jobs with Justice, Pa. American Friends Service Committee, Pittsburgh UNITED/Northside United, Roots of Promise, Students for Radical Change, United Electrical, Radio & Machine Workers of America (UE).

More on the organizations:

Common Frontiers-Canada is a multi sectoral coalition of labour, human rights, environment, student, church, international development, and other social justice organizations. We propose the building of an alternative model for social and economic integration in the Americas.

Réseau québécois sur l’intégration continentale is a multi sectoral coalition that includes more than 20 social organizations from Quebec. RQIC members represent over one million people. Its objective is to promote an alternative vision of development for the Americas.

Contact information (in Pittsburgh):

John Foster, Common Frontiers:; 412-343-3000 (hotel)
Pierre-Yves Serinet, RQIC: