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This site is designed to provide members of the media with timely and accurate information about all aspects of hemispheric trade issues and the Common Frontiers organization.

Here you'll find copies of current media releases, background information on important issues, an introduction to Common Frontiers and its members and articles about CF that have appeared in the media.

If you need further information about free trade issues or if you're looking for a source for a story, please contact CF Co-ordinator Raul Burbano by e-mail or 416-522-8615.

Our Latest Media Release:

August 22, 2013
Media Release

Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP):
Canadian groups demand end to secrecy, want all TPP chapters made public

Ottawa – Ministers from the 12 Trans-Pacific Partnership countries, including International Trade Minister Ed Fast, should stop their secret negotiations and immediately make public the 26 chapters of the TPP when they meet in Brunei this week, say Canadian groups, citing precedent for transparency in previous trade negotiations of this size and scope.

“It is a scandal that a far-reaching deal like the TPP could be signed in the coming months without anyone across the 12 participating countries having seen or had a chance to challenge some of the many new restrictions an agreement will put on our ability to govern in the public interest. The only acceptable road forward for the TPP is for ministers to publish the text now before it’s too late,” says Stuart Trew, trade campaigner with the Council of Canadians, a national grassroots activist and social justice organization.

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Recent Media Releases

2009-08-10 - Same old false solutions and short-sighted North American vision from Guadalajara summit, say Canadian civil society organizations

2009-08-06 - Renegotiate the North American agenda, civil society groups ask in letter to Prime minister Harper

2009-06-18 - Civil Society Networks from North America applaud letter to Presidents from Legislators' task force on renegotiating NAFTA

2009-06-12 - Canadians ask Federal Government to Halt Ratification of Canada-Peru Free Trade Agreement in Light of Peruvian Police Massacre of Indigenous Protesters

2009-04-07 - A call to stop the imminent implementation of the Canada-Colombia free trade agreement

2009-02-13 - Canadians to Harper: Renegotiate NAFTA with Obama

2008-12-30 - 15 Years of Damage is Enough: NAFTA Must Be Renegotiated (in English) (en español)

2008-10-01 - Canada must renegotiate NAFTA now!

2007-05-10 - The Security and Prosperity Partnership promises poverty and anxiety

2007-02-21 - Ministers of fear and war descend on Ottawa taking North America in the wrong direction (in English) (en français) (en español)

2006-06-6 - Halt S.P.P. and Replace NAFTA

2006-04-18 - Letter to Pascal Lamy, Director General of the WTO

2006-03-27 - Harper must come clean about the security and prosperity partnership

2006-03-10 - Defending public control to the access and use of water

2006-03-6 - Allowing CEOs to set the foreign policy agegnda for North America endangers democracy in Canada (en francais)

2005-10-28 - Soccer star Maradona and Nobel Prize recipient Esquivel to march against ‘free trade' and Bush's presence in Argentina as part of the 3rd Peoples' Summit November 1-5:
“Another Americas is possible”

2005-06-27 - NAFTA-plus Ministerial: Civil society condemns closed-door talks in Ottawa

2005-03-22 - Bush-Martin-Fox Texas summit: Civil society condemns closed-door talks


Opinion Pieces

2006-03-5 - World Social Forum Builds Global Community

2005-03-25 - Martin-Bush-Fox Summit in Texas

2004-12-15 - Op-ed on missed FTAA Deadline
FTAA misses New Year’s deadline; will it ever fly?

2004-11-21 - The Canada Trade Mission to Brazil: Partners in development?

2004-11-15 - Has Pierre Pettigrew Read the Romanow Report?

2004-11-01 - The stark reality of Mexican’s lives contrasts with the optimism of President Fox


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